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Revenue Streams

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Burnout from
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Tailored Business Strategies

Say goodbye to generic advice. AMPS offers insights into your unique business personality, enabling strategies that resonate with your core values and strengths.

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Work smarter, not harder. By understanding your AMPS profile, optimize your workflow to skyrocket productivity and efficiency.

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The Harvard Business School’s research, “Personality Traits of Entrepreneurs” (Kerr et al., 2017), doesn't just suggest but scientifically confirms the power of leveraging individual entrepreneurial traits for business triumph. It's these particular traits - openness, conscientiousness, an achievement-driven mindset, self-direction, and smart risk-taking - that resonate with AMPS's Activator and Performer profiles. The AMPS model doesn't just understand this; it harnesses these findings to help you fully realize your potential for unparalleled business growth and personal fulfillment.

Research by Sari Pekkala Kerr, William R. Kerr, and Tina Xu.

Research Highlight With

Angela Duckworth's study at the University of Pennsylvania isn't merely a study; it's a blueprint for entrepreneurial stamina, spotlighting grit, self-control, and unwavering motivation as pillars of business success. These traits, synonymous with the persistence of the Performer and the charisma of the Motivator in AMPS, offer a clear path: embrace the AMPS framework to nurture these qualities and step into a world where your business aspirations aren’t just dreams but inevitable realities.

Research by Angela Duckworth - University of Pennsylvania.

Research Highlight With

Amy Wilkinson’s insights from Stanford Business School in "The Creator's Code" (2015) are not just observations but a toolkit for extraordinary entrepreneurship, encompassing six skills that AMPS integrates within its Activator, Motivator, Performer, and Strategist types. AMPS empowers you to refine these skills, ensuring that your entrepreneurial journey is not left to chance but sculpted for success and satisfaction, as validated by Wilkinson's work.

Research by Amy Wilkinson, Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Research Highlight With

The Oxford Internet Institute's study, "The impact of founder personalities on startup success" by McCarthy et al. (2023), reveals a clear verdict: the personalities of founders are pivotal for startup success. Echoing the AMPS philosophy, it emphasizes the synergy between an entrepreneur's adventurousness, openness, and dynamism—hallmarks of AMPS's Activator and Performer—and the collective strength found in diverse founder teams. The AMPS model is the bridge between this research and real-world application, guiding entrepreneurs to cultivate a balanced team dynamic and propel their ventures to new heights.

Research by Paul X. McCarthy, Xian Gong, Fabian Braesemann, Fabian Stephany, Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, and Margaret L. Kern from the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.


In a time ripe for unprecedented growth, understanding your unique AMPS profile isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity.

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