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Are you ready to elevate your business to the realm of the elite? The "7 Steps to Multiplying High-End Clients" masterclass series is specifically designed to transform ambitious entrepreneurs like you into dominant market leaders. Our expertly crafted sessions are more than just lectures—they are gateways to success and prosperity.

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"Best program by far!! Closed 4 deals into first week of program. Second week bigger deals with power follow-ups. Pipeline is getting full! Love it!!!"



"Absolutely the most amazing team I have ever worked with! This program took me in 1 week from 0 to 8 (highly qualified lead) appointments a day! And this is only the beginning..."



"Straight up amazing. I was booking calls with new leads/clients within a few hours of getting access to this course. It's made a massive difference in my business and as a result, a massive difference in my life. I highly recommend it. Kent and his team are incredible!"



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"This training is phenomenal! Just yesterday I watched the advanced training video, employed the techniques (35 mins of work on my part) and this morning I had 59 new targeted leads (for zero ad cost). The potential for new relationships & new business for me is SUPER exciting!"



Introducing Our Mini-Course Series: The Foundations of Elite Business Elevation

Frequently Asked Questions

This masterclass series was designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders focused on elevating their strategic approach and operational efficiency.
Every minicourse will be recorded so you can watch it 24/7 at your convenience. Live Q&A sessions will be recorded and made accessible as well.
You receive access to all seven minicourses as they are released on a weekly basis after the original launch date on Thursday. If you qualified for any bonuses, you will receive those as well.
This has been designed to be a self-study course. However, there are live Q&A opportunities to get questions answered live, as well as access to our support team via emailing our Help Desk. Help Desk information will be provided once you’ve purchased the course.
Upon purchase, you will receive an email that contains your login credentials to access the online course platform. The course will include all of the seven minicourses (as they are released each week), plus access to any bonuses that you qualified for.
We stand by our offerings with a full refund within 30 days if your expectations are not met.
Offer ends in 30 Minutes